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2018A mixed discontinuous-continuous Galerkin time discretisation for Biot's systemKöcher, Uwe ; Bause, Markus 
2019Efficient and scalable data structures and algorithms for goal-oriented adaptivity of space-time FEM codesKöcher, Uwe ; Bruchhäuser, Marius Paul ; Bause, Markus 
2017Error analysis for discretizations of parabolic problems using continuous finite elements in time and mixed finite elements in spaceBause, Markus ; Radu, Florin Adrian; Köcher, Uwe 
2016Iterative coupling of variational space-time methods for Biot`s system of poroelasticityBause, Markus ; Köcher, Uwe 
2020Post-processed Galerkin approximation of improved order for wave equationsBause, Markus ; Köcher, Uwe ; Radu, Florin Adrian; Schieweck, Friedhelm
2017Space-time finite element approximation of the Biot poroelasticity system with iterative couplingBause, Markus ; Radu, Florin Adrian; Köcher, Uwe 
2018Towards the fully dynamic system of poroelasticity: Efficient variational space-time methodsBause, Markus ; Anselmann, Mathias ; Becker, S.; Köcher, Uwe ; Matthies, G.; Radu, Florin Adrian; Schieweck, F.
Open Access2015Variational Space-Time Methods for the Elastic Wave Equation and the Diffusion EquationKöcher, Uwe 
2015Variational time discretization for mixed finite element approximations of nonstationary diffusion problemsBause, Markus ; Köcher, Uwe