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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201416-Channel O-OFDM demultiplexer in silicon photonicsRahim, Abdul; Schwarz, Stefan ; Bruns, Jürgen; Schäffer, Christian G.  
20183.2 : 1 GBaud Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution Using Pilot Tone Assisted Heerodyne DetectionRückmann, Max ; Kleis, Sebastian ; Schäffer, Christian G.  
20184.4: Influence of Non-Ideal First Order Counter-Propagating Raman Amplification on Discrete Nonlinear Fourier Spectrum based CommunicationGeisler, Alexander ; Leibrich, Jochen ; Schäffer, Christian G.  
2014Architectures of Coherent Receivers for Optical Quantum CommunicationsKleis, Sebastian ; Schäffer, Christian G.  
2013Bidirectional direct detection mode multiplexing scheme for optical short link communicationsHerschel, Reinhold; Kuhne, André; Schäffer, Christian G.  
2016Coexistence of PSK quantum key distribution and WDM channels in opitical transmission systemsKleis, Sebastian ; Schäffer, Christian G.  
2015Coherent receiver architectures for secure key distribution using faint optical multilevel signalsKleis, Sebastian ; Herschel, Reinhold; Schäffer, Christian G.  
2013Compact filter structures in Silicon-on-Insulator for high-speed signal processingSchwarz, Stefan ; Schäffer, Christian G.  ; Rahim, Abdul
2017Comparison of frequency estimation methods for heterodyne quantum communicationsKleis, Sebastian ; Schäffer, Christian G.  
2013Comparison of phase error sensititivies of all-optical discrete Fourier transforms for OFDM demultiplexingSchwarz, Stefan ; Schäffer, Christian G.  ; Rahim, Abdul
2017Continuous variable quantum key distribution with a real local oscillator using simultaneous pilot signalsKleis, Sebastian ; Rückmann, Max ; Schäffer, Christian G.  
2016Design of Coherent Receivers for Quantum CommunicationSchäffer, Christian G.  ; Kleis, Sebastian 
Jan-1987Efficiency of Guided Wave Acoustooptic Interaction for Selected Cuts in LiNb03Helmolt, C. H.; Schäffer, Christian G.  
2016Eigenvalue Multiplex Transmission using the Discrete Nonlinear Fourier SpectrumGeisler, Alexander ; Schäffer, Christian G.  
2013Entwicklung eines kompakten faseroptischen Oberflächen-plasmonenresonaz-Sensors = Design of a Miniaturized Fiber-Optic Surface pasmon Resonance SensorSchuster, Tobias; Schäffer, Christian G.  ; Mertig, Michael; Plettemeier, Dirk
2014Experimental demonstration of an OFDM receiver based on a silicon-nanophotonic discrete Fourier transform filterDa Ros, F.; Nölle, M.; Meuer, C.; Schwarz, Stefan ; Schäffer, Christian G.  
Open Access2022Experimental Investigation of Information Transmission Using the Nonlinear Fourier TransformationGeisler, Alexander 
2016Experimental Nonlinear Frequency Division Multiplexed Transmission Using Eigenvalues with Symmetric Real PartGeisler, Alexander ; Schäffer, Christian G.  
2013Field Evaluation of High Resolution Optical FMCW Monitoring Approaches in Passive Optical NetworksGäde, Sebastian; Jastram, Marcel; Schäffer, Christian G.  ; Fritzsche, Daniel; Weis, Eran; Breuer, Dirk
2013FMCW-based monitoring and signaling for reconfigurable optical networks [8646-15]Gäde, Sebastian; Jastram, Marcel; Schäffer, Christian G.